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Slim Light Emergency Luminary GR-2000

Self-Testing,Non Maintained- Maintained , Programmable Led Light

Olympia Electronics
Fabricant : Olympia Electronics
Référence : GR-2000
Barcode : 5205327015989
Disponibilité : En Stock

The luminaires of this type cover the standard functionality in emergency lights, for professional or household use. They have features such as: 1) Change function from maintained to non maintained or vice versa, whenever desired. 2) Light sensor to select the activation or not of the illumination LEDs, when it is connected to the mains power supply, if there is adequate lighting in the area. 3) Dimming control (with remote control). 4) Possibility of remote control for thesefunctions and additional functions (see on page 3). The functions 1 , 2 and 3 maybe implemented using the TEST button as explained on page 3 and 4. The luminaire must be permanently connected to the mains power supply. During normal operation it charges the battery and lights the illumination LED (maintained mode). In any power failure the luminaire is automatically switched to emergency mode, lighting the illumination LED from the battery. When the mains power supply is restored the unit returns to normal operation.

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